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Andy Dane Media is the blueprint for branding & a full-service digital agency. We use our strengths in Creative, Distribution, Social Media, and Digital Traffic to drive business outcomes with out-of-the-box thinking.



Andy Dane Media specializes in out of box videos, digital content, curated content, photography, video editing, websites, and graphics.

Social Media

Andy Dane Media manages and curate’s social media platforms that build engagement, growth and sponsored integrations. Our team works hand in hand with Influencers to push the focus of our clients. We specialize in engagement, retargeting new and old followers as well as scheduling post to target a specific consumer/user.


Andy Dane Media has partnered with various media outlets to deliver creative content around the globe reaching influencers and new media outlets that are out of the box from your traditional platforms.


Andy Dane Media has an in-house SEO and Paid Media team that manages all paid media ads across Search Engines, Social Media, Websites, Outdoor Paid Media, VOD commercials, and more. Our experienced team takes pride in creating household names by using “Key Phrases,” that build impressions and conversions for products/services.

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